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OMG I want this game in VR! 360° power washing would be amazing! That, and having someone else in the room with a spray bottle misting me with some water as I'm playing.

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Love your Photoshop and your newsletter. Got some stashers too. Excellent storage!

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This is the first letter I've read from you. *This* is the paradigm (can I say paradigm w/o sounding like an a**?) that I was hoping for. Where everyone looks at their home life and realizes it's pretty good in there and the focus shifts to not so much success out in the world as much as making a peaceful, fun environment not just to come home to but to actually be in. Ok. Done sounding like an a**

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I love that walking tour channel!

I'm addicted to this guy's real estate channel, showing castles and villas in Italy: https://www.youtube.com/c/AgenziaRomoliniImmobiliare/featured

Because, yeah, that's totally something I can afford...

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I've been trying to keep things more clean than normal where necessary, as I'm travelling and vacationing out of my car. Just a couple items out of place and the whole thing looks frazzled!

I'm way more relaxed regarding the exterior, it's too much driving to keep up with the dirt. I'm lucky my car is only 2 paint colors instead of the 5 different colors it was just a couple weeks before I left. I've washed it once or twice while out and about.

I DID polish the new paint right off of an area on the hood. =Too clean?

It's my first paint job, it's beautiful and unique.

I want a big mural on my car of Daphne lifting her shirt over her head, with her arms barely covering her boobs as she pulls off the top. With Shaggy and Scooby each holding the end of a big friggin sandwich; Scoobs focused on Daphne, his tongue hanging and his heart stretching from his chest. I'd like to ask Katie CloudFeathers if I cross paths with her and her goat, she does clean work.

I'm the guy that almost always picks up the discarded trailside powerbar wrappers. It feels odd to find a dryer sheet in the brush along a Big Sur trail, and then to find no discarded trash as I roamed San Francisco. -except in random sporadic piles, but people seem to disregard these for unknown reasons. Not my element man.

I don't see your actions as too clean in any sense. So what if you destroy a thing of two while figuring out spray pressures and nozzles.

Wax on, wax off.

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You are a beautiful human! I look forward to reading more of your musings. 😀

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